Bank & Hill Mowing by LMS

 Cost-effective bank mowing solutions in Hawkes Bay

Hill & bank mowing specialist Kelly Pouwhare -

LMS are hill & bank mowing contractors operating in Hawkes Bay. We can offer solutions to all your mowing needs.

The company has been mowing lawns for several high-profile Vineyards over many years and continues to maintain a good working relationship with these clients.

As the new owner, I am now diversifying the company and have broadened the company’s services to include

Hill, slope and bank mowing

Tough cut mowing of tough grasses, shrubbery, blackberry and young gorse

Spray free footpath edging

Tractor mounted blow turbine sweeping delivering 290kph of windspeed air flow. Discharge Volume @ 3200 RPM 4000 CFM (113 Cubic Meters/min.). It can really blow sweep

Hill Mowing in Hawkes Bay

We have seen a need in Hawkes Bay for a competent slope mowing service where other lawn mowing contractors either avoid the work or are unable to provide the service. The potential is immense with many parks and public domains having slopes which by virtue of the gradient are either left alone or dealt with by a crew of line trimming contractors.

Our equipment can equal the productivity of up to 15-line trimmer’s opening an option to re-task them to other area’s that may not see a lot of attention.

We provide a cost-effective way of dealing with slopes where previously the costs of equipment or man hours was prohibitive.


LMS uses the only commercial mowing tractor in HB which has a manufacturer’s slope rating of 30 degrees. Most, if not all other mowers are manufacturer rated to only 15 degrees of slope angle.


REMOTE CONTROLLED HILLSIDE MOWING – LMS now have the ability to safely mow slopes up to 50° . Our state-of-the-art Agria 9600 remote controlled mower can easily handle steep banks with long grass.