Havelock North Lawn Mowing Service

Slope Mowing Specialists

Lawn Mowing Solutions are a service that specialises in mowing lawns that are not easily mowed by standard lawn mowing contractors. Our equipment is specially designed to cater for a variety of steep mowing scenarios.

Mowing Equipment Specs

Using a Ventrac 31 HP 45P dual wheeled mower, we are able to mow slopes up to a slope of 30 degrees. This capability means that we can safely and efficiently mow these areas that cannot be reached by the 15 degree rated standard ride on mowers.

Tough Cut & Fine Cut for Groomed Slopes

Our equipment can handle tall grass and blackberry and can also provide a fine cut deck finish for groomed slopes.

Chemical Free

Our equipment also includes fittings for an edger and blower. This enables us to undertake chemical free footpath and roadside edging services.